Led by farmer Dan Finn, Bovina Valley Farms' cuts of meats are 100% natural and organic as well as free from antibiotics and growth hormones. Our meats include pork, beef and chicken that is raised sustainably and humanely.

Made from 100% jersey cow milk , Cowbella products include small-batch, handmade butter, yogurt, drinkable yogurt, cheeses and milk. Shannon Mason is continuing her family's 200 years of dairy farming for a new generation.


Dry Town Tavern is a celebration of the region's past, present and future. Coming soon, this farm-to-table restaurant, bar and inn is being built inside the historic Hilson's store on Main Street in Bovina. 
Livestock Foundation is a non-profit organization that recently purchased and is rehabilitating a historic farm in Bovina Center. The Foundation’s mission is to preserve the rural traditions and communities of Delaware County through programming that supports and encourages agricultural engagement and education.